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The Scandinavian Research Circle on Biodynamic Farming (SRCBF) is a non-profit association, based in all four Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of bio-dynamic farming under Nordic conditions.

The SRCBF was founded in 1949 and started nine years later a research institute. Until today (2017), the SRCBF has published more than 30 reports on organic farming and food quality. Some of these reports you will find here.

On this Web page we present some of the work done over the years.

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Current news

Artur Granstedt has published a report concerning the biodynamic farm Fokhol in Norway. During 2014 to 2017 Artur has studied how food sustainability can be maintained under Norwegian circumstances.

Read Arturs report in Swedish (with summary in English) here

Two newly published scientific papers concerning the long term field trials in Sweden

Read more here

More information will be published here and on the web-sites of the national Biodynamic Associations.

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