Biodynamic farming is based on a spiritual vision of man and nature. The biodynamic cultivation method evolves from the research method developed by the Austrian Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

The objective of biodynamic farming is to promote soil fertility and the ability to give humans nourishing and wholesome food.

The biodynamic farmers wish through their actions to create conditions for both the human as the Earth’s long-term development.

In the biodynamic cultivation each farm is regarded as a separate organism. The challenge to the farmer is to build the farm into a living entity that as far as possible is self-sufficient with fodder and manure. This can be achieved by creating a balance between soil, plants and animals. Cultivation measures aims towards long-term-conserving with finite natural resources, protecting the environment and biodiversity. The care of farm animals is done with respect for their individuality.

Research is used as a mean to increase knowledge of what is active as organizing forces in living organisms. Knowledge of cosmic forces has led to the development of life strengthening measures, for example the so-called biodynamic preparations. The preparations are produced from natural resources with the aim to improve soil fertility and plant resistance to injury and disease and also to raise the nutritive value of the crops.