Paths to knowledge


There are several paths to knowledge:

One is that of natural science. It is based on experiments, statistical evaluation and hypothesis formulation.

Another is qualitative. It includes interviews in various forms, case studies and participant-driven research.

A third is called goetheanism and is very well suited to study the living, but it takes, like life itself, time to perform.

A fourth is the anthroposophical. It is sometimes referred to as spiritual science and is the foundation of biodynamic agriculture.

A fifth is to recall what is called “silent experience” or “silent knowledge”. To make practical experience into an experience that can be communicated to others.

A sixth is image creating methods. These include Bio-chrystallisation, Capillary dynamolysis and Chroma test

A seventh is the appropriate combination of all different paths.

The Scandinavian Research Circle has been working with those paths since 1949 in order to develop the biodynamic farming method.


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